One area where I believe can make a huge impact on your social media pages is your visual layout. I often see business owners throw random images in their cover areas and even profile areas that either don’t properly fit or is not consistent with their brand. Unfortunately, this can come off as unprofessional and that you don’t take your brand seriously.

Here are some tips and tools to keep your visual layout consistent with your brand.

1. Your small business profile pic should always be your logo. Always take the opportunity to put your identity in front of people.

2. Your cover photo should be relative to your business. Don’t use random pictures that have no clear relation to what your business does. Try using your logo on your cover also. The only time you wouldn’t use your logo on the cover is when it doesn’t compliment the overall image.

3. Create several different cover images. Switch it up every now and then. A great way to add variety to your page is changing your cover for certain holidays, upcoming events, or product promotions. Just make sure each one you create is relative to your brand.

4. Use correct sizes and alignments. When creating your cover images make sure the profile pic, your business name, and your buttons aren’t interfering with important information on the cover image. Keep text to a minimum, so you don’t run into this problem. Hootsuite has several guides that will help you create your images and videos in the correct size for each of your social media pages.

Images Sizes

Video Sizes

5. Hire a professional. If you feel like you like you don’t have the time or ability to create the images you are looking for, then there are designers out there that specialize in creating these for you. They have the experience to quickly provide the designs you need for your brand. We happen¬†to offer social media design services that will help you look professional and consistent. Click here to find out what we have to offer!


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